Mirra Jensen is a recording artist, producer, researcher, writer and consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. Also known as Dr Miranda Jensen, if her offering to the world had to be described with one word, it would be ‘transformation.’  Through her music, as an actress, speaker, writer or as a change consultant, she aims to connect with and share compelling stories and portray the ups and downs of human emotion, something we can all relate to.


She aspires to build a strong community of like-minded individuals around her - people that, like Mirra are driven to change, create, and grow.

“The world is changing at such a fast pace, to manage that I’ve always used music and song writing as a way of being intentional through my life, shaping, creating and transforming. Through music and capturing those intentions there’s a level of accountability that goes with then sharing those intentions with others. I desire for my music to inspire people to connect with their intentions for living their most radiant life, not just being swept up in the fast paced world that’s happening around us.”


As a recording artist...

Mirra sees music as the perfect way to provide a soundtrack for the human experience, creating a space for reflection and connection. She has an incredibly eclectic approach to her creativity, and her music can be classified as ambient electronic with her vocals being described by listeners as heavenly, hypnotic, haunting, sacred, and ethereal. Her production skills include a broad range of influences, including dance, pop, folk, and more. She is a diverse artist who has toured with Celtic Illusion and featured as violinist and vocalist with the Tillerman Show.

As a music producer, Mirra loves to explore how the technical aspects of the music creation process can affect the result, and ultimately, the emotional impact on the music. Using Pythagorean Tuning for her Ph.D. research led her to collaborate with producers on a global scale and develop “Divine,” her third record, a follow-up to her sophomore album (Guiding Light, 2011) and her 2006 debut offering, “The Sound.”

As a consultant...

Mirra is an experienced consultant having worked for KPMG and the Litmus group as well as independently consulting into organisations. She started On Song Group in 2014, a boutique Change Management Consulting practice. She is motivated by challenging the status quo and developing new approaches to realise outcomes in more efficient and effective ways, This ability is largely born from her diverse experience and passion for creativity and understanding of the human experience.


Through her Ph.D. research, Are You In Tune? she applied Pythagorean tuning to the creation of new music, and through Phenomenological enquiry, she developed new ways of thinking on ‘how things transform’. This thinking has enabled the creation of the Transformation3 methodology, a dynamic, real time management of large scale change. 

“Miranda is such a dream to work with - always ahead of the game and delivery at speed and as smooth as silk… with her presentation and engagement skills with clients and stakeholders” David Harris


“Miranda is a Change Wizard” Peter Jackowski


“Her approach to Change Management is versatile and creative. Her ability to see things differently and adopt that into her work makes it incredibly successful.” Charlotte Campbell


“Miranda is exceptionally capable, insightful, enthusiastic, confident and skilled. She brought immense creativity and positivity to this program, as well as great intelligence, compassion and respect for others.” Carly Marriner


“Made an immediate impression with her fresh approach and innovative style.” Mark Johnston

As a writer and speaker...

Mirra's work has been featured in a number of publications and she has been a guest speaker at Monash University, the Australian Institute of Project Management, Consumer Affairs, Australia Post and the Change Management Institute. She released her first book in 2019 The CEO Secret Advantage.

“It was amazing to see how Dr Jensen developed rapport so quickly with the whole room.” Nic Crabb

“One of the most engaging speakers I have ever come across. It was truly inspiring and educational.” Shambhavee Manjunath


“The missing link of a dynamic framework was given to me by Miranda's latest publication on the Transformation3 methodology. Miranda is an expert in her field with a wealth of knowledge and heart in the right spot.” Francesca Varney

For all consulting enquiries: info@onsonggroup.com

For all media enquiries: info@mirrajensen.com